Good Luck Finding Better Friends Than Us - Large Black Luxury Candle 62 Hours

The Nice Stuff For Mom Luxury Candle is a simple treat that will not only help you relax and escape from the stress of life for a little “ME” time but will also add ambiance and a beautiful aromatherapy scent to your living room, kitchen or bedroom. This luxury candle is for you Mom, you deserve to have nice stuff.

RELAX & UNWIND Citrusy scent with mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot top notes with subtle notes of ginger and green leaves.

SO FRESH & SO CLEAN Jasmine scent with hints of lemon, orange, musk and eucalyptus.

SMELLS REALLY GOOD Vanilla scent with notes of musk, caramel, milk and marshmallow.

BEST SPA DAY EVER Fresh apple scent with notes of bourbon, vanilla and cardamom.

DARK & HANDSOME Manly scent with marine and pineapple top notes with subtle notes of musk, amber and cedar.

INGREDIENTS: Non-Toxic Soy Wax Vegetable Blend, Exotic Blend of Essential Oils, Cotton Wick and of course LOVE. 

1 WICK: 65 Hours* | Net 12 oz 

* Estimated, results may vary

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